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PCB Layout Design

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MDS Circuit Technology, Inc. has the tool and technical expertise to meet customers' PCB layout needs regardless of the size, level of complexity and number of layers.

We are driven to be the BEST in terms of Quality, Delivery, System and Service.

Design Capabilities:

  • High Speed and High Density Digital PCB Design.
  • Analog, Mixed signals and RF Design.
  • SMT, BGA's, uBGA's and PGA.
  • Power Distribution and Mixed Technology.
  • Thru-Hole, Blind/Buried Vias, Microvia and Via-in-Pad Technology.
  • EMI and Crosstalk Control.
  • Rigid PCB, Flixible PCB and Rigid-Flex PCB.

Individual or Team-Based PCB Design:

  • Highly Experienced and trained Electronic Engineers.
  • Partitioning Technology enables multiple Designers to work simultaneously.
  • Shorter design cycle time.
  • 24/7 Operation.
  • 100% Manual Routing.
  • Cost Effective.

Software Flatforms:

  • Zuken CR-5000 Board Designer Ver. 12.0 - CADs
  • Zuken CR-5000 PWS Ver. 19 - 11 CADs
  • CADVance Alpha II-DESIGN Ver. 4.0 - 8 CADs
  • Valor ENTERPRISE 3000 Ver. 8
  • Cadence Allegro PCB Design

Quote Package Requirements:

  • Schematic
  • Netlist
  • Bill of Materials
  • Mechanical Board Outline
  • Suggested Component Placement
  • Design Guidelines/Specifications
  • Component footprint datasheet(Optional)